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    Howdy Jim. jim rodarmel (aka Tesla Ranger)
  • Tesla Ranger - Just a brief message to let you know I received my Vaqueros and I love what you did. My wife likes them too. Someday, I hope to send her .38 Vaqueros to you. I fired Cowboy Action today with the Vaqueros you slicked up, and I shot my 1st CLEAN match!! What a difference you made. Many, many thanks!!
  • Chris Haynes - I got the new Rugers last week and they look great!! I shot them in a match yesterday and they worked flawlessly. Once again you have done great work and I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much.
  • Dave Reiswig - Another satisfied customer!!!!!x3. Thank you, Jim, for the fast service. And thank you for sending back 3 pairs of Rugers that I absolutely love! Can't wait to "show 'em off" next time I shoot. Belated Merry Christmas and I wish you a satisfying and profitable New Year.
  • Kidd Krystin - I had a chance to use my pistols today and, in a word, SWEET! Man, oh man, are they nice!
  • Ms. Jewel - I just to wanted let you know that I won the Grande Dame category at End of Trail this year using a set of your fine Ruger New Model Vaquero revolvers. I am of the opinion that my shooting has improved greatly since obtaining these revolvers from you. Thank you so much for the great products you produce.
  • Roughrider Ray - Guns look and shoot wonderfully! Thanks again for the awesome product you provide and also for the speediness in which you provided them.
  • Rider in the Sky - Jimmy, just a quick note to say thanks, I shot the guns in several matches and glad to say they are everything I wanted, especially the modified hammer spur, as always I never mind paying for quality and your gun work is just that, QUALITY.
  • Brimstone Jerome - It has been 18 months since I sent my pistols to you. When I got them back I could hardly wait to start practicing for a big match. I knew that the sexy action wouldn't give me any more abilities as a shooter, but I knew these pistols would operate smoth, nasty fast, and that they would work every single time. Well I wasn't able to shoot that match as quickly as I hoped. You see, a month after I received my guns back from you, my wife and I found out we were expecting a little one. With this blessing on the way i hustled through finishing my masters degree, bougtht a house, and I started my own business running a gym time. So my cowboy shooting got pushed to the side. Every so often I would find a few extra minutes and handle those sweet sweet guns, and visualize the day that I would get back on the range. That day finally came this past weekend. I met my Uncle for the Colorado State shoot. I chose to shoot gunfighter, something I never did before. I had to focus my ass to keep the target sequences right in my head but since I had the best pistols for the game I was able to shoot with confidence. I shot the match clean, won my category, and 4th overall behind the likes of guys like Cobra Cat. The half cock saved my ass twice, but I was able to stay focused. Winning felt so dam good, but I also felt like I was representing your bad ass work too. The generous gift you gave me has already made an impact on my shooting, and I just wanted to say thank you for what you have some for me, and that I am honored to "ride for the brand." I hope to get to shoot more, I'm setting my goals high and I'm gonna work in my free time to make a run at a Nationl or World Gunfighter title in 2015. You the man! Brimston Jerome, 2014 SASS Colorao State Gunfighter Champion. P.S. - I never won a championship until I started shooting your gear.
  • Texas Red - Wanted to get this msg to you on the Vaquero .44 Special you fit Bisley grips to and action job on are JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!! Thanks again for the great work!
  • Jack Richardson - The greatest pistols best I have ever owned! Thanks!
  • Bulls Head Bill - Well.....I christened the new pistols today with a match WIN!......at Gunpowder Creek Regulators in Lenoir, NC. Thanks!.....I like em!!!!
  • Deadwood Ned - I just finished shooting five stages with my new Vaquero's. Wow! They are as smooth as butter! What's joy to shoot! Great workmanship! Thanks again for getting me set up with such quality work!
  • Graydog - I live way up in northwest Montana. Five days ago we got 18 inches of new snow on top of the snow we already had. Four days ago I had surgery on my wrist, that is suppose to take a LOT OF PAIN out of my left thumb. (Are you still with me) The operation seems to be an improvement, but I'm still experiencing a fair amount of pain in my left thumb. (Wait for it, wait for it.)

    Today I did a five mile hike on the mountain through a bunch of snow and a lot more ice. There was not much else I could do because my left wrist is still in a brace so I can't practice pistol, rifle or shotgun. At any rate, I got done with my hike, came in and was getting rid of all my cold weather gear and my wife said, "You have a package in your office.

    DAMN,,,,,it was my guns,,,,back already,,,,just like you said! Now I know,,,,,this is just another gun job for you,,,,,but it's a LOT more than that for me. I still experience very REAL pain when I pull back the hammer on my back up Vaquero and my Doctor said "Don't do that"! So when I opened the box, took out my "NEW VAQUERO DONE BY YOU", I found I could pull the hammer back without pain and I'm a long way from being healed.

    The job you did on my guns won't make me shoot without missing,,,,,,I know that. But the fact that I can now run my guns without major pain, will certainly be a big advantage in the heat of competition.

    Thank you Jimmy Spurs. You are a man of your word, you said you could do my guns and get them back in two weeks. (You did them in one) You said you could make my guns very smooth and easy. (You way exceeded that)

    I know my shooting will improve because now I can run my guns with out pain, I know that's nothing you can advertise, but it sure means a lot to me.

  • Brimstone Jerome - I got to have my first dry-fire session last night and all I can say is.......DAM!!!!!!!! I think that I had come pretty close to the ceiling of my performance with stock pistols.........your work will take me to the next level in skill NO doubt about it.

    The added confidence of mechanical reliability, (and no possibility of having to go around after a slip hammer and eat rank points), will let me focus that much more on match day. As a bonus to the function the irons look sexy, period!

    Your work will help make me a better competitor, your are a steel surgeon and the Sultan of Speed, and I thank you for what you've done.

    Sincerely, respectfully, humbly Brimstone Jerome #23680
  • Russ James - I just gave them .32's a shake-down,, and they were UNBELIEVABLE! Smooth as glass, fit nicely in hand, pickup the serrated front-site instantly. And, what a differance no transfer-bar and new springs make!! Wow.. I tried to short-stroke a shot (on purpose), and THE GUN GOES ON SHOOTING!! loaded some .32 H & R with 2.0 gr of Winchester-231 & a 78-Gr round nose bullet,, the recoil is less than a .22LR! Those guns are MADE to race,, and I can't wait to try 'em out in a match ...
  • Eric Cashion, XIXI Gunfighters - I wanted to say thank you for the fantastic pistol. I have owned some type of SAA most of my life as a Texas peace officer and since leaving the profession I decided I'd go back to carrying one as my concealed pistol. I can say without reservation that this pistol you tuned for me is by far the nicest hog leg I've ever shot. Your action job is flawless and your attention to detail is apparent.

    This pistol will do exactly as intended: to protect my family and myself. I wouldn't hesitate a second to carry this thing to the Gates of Hell.

    Again, thank you brother, for this fine work of gunfighter art.
  • Dina Baratta, President - Northeast Six Shooters - On behalf of the Northeast Six Shooters we would like to thank you for your generous donation to our club! We would love to have you at any one of our 10 matches this season and will continue to recommend you to any mounted shooter looking to make changes or fix their guns. You do amazing work and we are proud to have you as our sponsor. We look forward to a continued relationship, we have posted your information on our website at: www.masixshooters.com under "Sponsors". We also had a mounted shooting clinic this past weekend and recommended you to all new shooters! Again - thank you for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated.
  • J.P. of Windham - Just wanted to thank you for a great shotgun. It is a lot lighter than the BSS, and a lot quicker. Would you include me in your Walnut Hill Gang? Every gun of mine you have worked on has been flawless, I would like to add my name to your extremely satisfied shooter list.
  • "See what Cowboys are saying on the SASS Wire about Jimmy's work ... link.
  • Riverview Rattler - Great job on these new Short Stroke Rugers, smooth as ever, and pretty looking to boot! Thanks for all of your gunsmith expertise. It's always a pleasure to deal with you. It makes our game more enjoyable when the equipment functions flawlessly... I can honestly say Jimmy Spurs makes the best competition cowboy guns available.
  • Gary - Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you at 'Gunsmoke' in MN. It's great to actually meet and see some of the people that one reads about on the 'SASS Wire' thing.

    You put a big front sight on my Marlin - now I can see the sight - and it's great - I hadn't been able to see the front sight in I don't know how long. I was amazed at how quickly you got it done with the big line up of people wanting work done on their stuff.

  • Langston and Leotie Leadslinger - Donna and I attended our first shoot today and our shotguns worked flawlessly. Donna has turned out to be a deadeye with hers. The actions and unloads were fast and easy. Even made us greenhorns look not too shabby. Thank you for all of your help and advice, and thank you very much for the outstanding shotguns. I am sure that we will be in touch for some modifications of our other guns in the future. Hope to see you at a shoot someday so that we can thank you in person.
  • Buckskin Ranger - First off let me say what a pleasure it was shooting with you this past weekend. Not only for the help when my guns malfunctioned, but it is great to see a "top" shooter that has his ego in check. Being on the same posse with you was nothing but a good experience.
  • Wes Outlaw - I got my guns and they are awesome. In the first 2 times I used them in practice I knocked 5 seconds off my time. Thanks for all the quality.
  • Doc Molar - (Six-time SASS Indiana State Champion, 2008 Midwest Regional Champion, 2010 Winter Range National Wild Bunch Overall Champion) - Jimmy, these New Vaqueros are awesome (I now have a second set). I cannot believe how smooth they are. They are the best pistols I have ever shot. Jimmy`s work is second to none. He pays such close attention to every little detail. He is a Master Gunsmith in every sense of the word.
  • Dakota Bud

  • Wheatlightnin' - WOW, SWEET, AWESOME,ETC. No words can say how great the actions are on those Vaquero's. I just hope I'm worthy, HA HA. I did find that I have to count five shots a whole lot faster.Thanks again!
  • General Ledger - Yahoo�.the gun is great. I shot some practice with it on Friday and then shot it in the local match yesterday. Smokin� hot. Shot clean match with it as well. The best part is that everyone else is jealous. It is nice to have the best toys �.

    � we have three cowboys in our club shooting pistols prepared by you. So�we should be the Greenville Gunfighter branch of the Walnut Hill Gang. The three of us include me (General Ledger), Dennis Hardwick (Hondo Jackson), and Perry Miller (Cowboy Junky)

  • Olen Rugged - It would be hard to beat Jimmy Spurs at Cowboy Gun Works. Jim does absolutely beautiful machine work and the carrier is a fine example of the art. I know Jim was at convention so you may have seen the difference between gunsmith and "parts changer".
  • Doc Eels (2008 & 2009 SASS Ohio State Duelist Champion) - "I got those Bisley's back from you about 2 weeks ago. For several days I dry fired them to death, loving them. Then I took them to the range. I put 400 rounds through them in practice, and loved them even more. Then, the SASS Ohio State Championship! Let me say that the SASS Ohio State Duelist Champion, 2 years in a row now, was shooting Cowboy Gunworks action jobs in his Bisley's! I am not perfect, I did slip hammer a couple times, and as advertised, they DID NOT SKIP A ROUND! I am sold!!!! I gave Duece Stevens your message and let him check them out, he just grinned! He shot a hell of a match. Top Overall Man! Like Duece, I will not shoot any pistols, but yours from here on out! You can quote me on that! In fact, I have a set of New Model Vaquero's that I want to talk to ya about some day. Like, turning them into Bisley's! Some day. Well, I just wanted to let you know how they are working for me. If you wish to use this note in advertising, or any customers ask for a reference, just go right ahead. Thanks BIG TIME!"
  • Dapper Dan (2007, 2008 & 2009 SASS Maine State Champion) - I've recently had a pair of old Vaqueros slicked up by Jimmy Spurs. What a treat! They are everything I hoped for, and more. Plus I just bought a used 73 rifle that was an earlier Jimmy Spurs action job from Fu Man Chu. When I shot this rifle my time dropped 1\2 a second! I was shocked, so I loaded it again and was even faster! Now Smokey Sue has watched me shoot that rifle and said "Damn, you're starting to catch up to me!". What a compliment!! Thank you Jimmy!! Just after the Mason Dixon Stampede Jimmy offered to improve the rifle even more since mine was an early action job. It looks and feels awesome! If you're looking for action work, look no further, Jimmy Spurs is a phenomenal gunsmith!!! Dapper Dan
  • Deuce Stevens (2010 Winter Range National Champion, 2008 Traditional National Champion and 2nd overall at 2008 Winter Range, 2006 Midwest Regional Champion) - " The Ruger Vaquero's that Jimmy built for me are hands down the best feeling set I have ever laid my hands on. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are outstanding. I have a set of guns that I have 100% confidence in, and they seem to have no speed limit. His ability to communicate with you before and after he does your guns is second to none. If you want a pair of guns that feel good and look good, Jimmy is your man."
  • Biloxi Bob (2007 SASS Northeast Regional Men's Champion, 2006 SASS Northeast Regional "Top Gun", 2005 & 2007 SASS PA State Champion) - "If you are looking for a top-notch gunsmith, your search has just ended. Jimmy recently tricked out my competition Vaqueros and all I can say is, WOW! These guns have been used for several years and I thought they were pretty smooth as is. All they were missing was Jimmy's half-cock modification. After he worked his magic, though, I was blown away! Both guns look beautiful and feel fantastic. Never have I felt a smoother action and as crisp a trigger. Best of all, both guns feel exactly the same. Jimmy Spurs is an outstanding gunsmith and if you are looking to improve the performance of your six-shooter, you cannot go wrong with Cowboy Gunworks."
  • Biloxi Bob (September 2008) - I just got a chance to sit down at my computer after spending the day on the range for Dennis Yoder's benefit shoot. It was an nasty, wet day but everyone's spirits were high and it was a great event. I just wanted to personally thank you again for donating all your work on the rifle. You should have heard all the folks talking about it. The tickets sold out a couple of weeks ago, but people were still trying to find any "extras" this morning. You may know by now, but the guy who won the drawing actually donated the rifle to be put up for immediate auction. It then sold for $1700.00! Including the ticket sales, that rifle earned over $7700.00 for Dennis and his family! It was awesome. Thanks again, Jimmy.
  • Red River Ray (2009 SASS Southeast Regional Champion and lots of other wins) - Jimmy Spurs does a super fine job on rifles. He also builds tha best Ruger handguns known ta this sport. That's tha view frum my shade tree.
  • Jake Mountain (2006 SASS New England Champion)- "Jimmy Spurs has recently built me a set of Ruger New Model Vaquero�s, which are quite simply works of art. The action work is as good as it gets and his in-house half-cock notch modification is a must have for the competitive cowboy action shooter. I also shoot an Interstate Arms Corp. '97 that he built as well as a Taylor's Uberti '73. When it comes to fine CAS guns, Jimmy Spurs and Cowboy Gunworks is the place to get the finest action work in the business."
  • Cartwheel (2006 & 2007 SASS NY State Champion, 2007 SASS New England Champion) - "I have 2 Vaqueros with perty much everything done that you can, also have a 73 in .45 and he is currently doing another one in .38 for me. I have shotguns from Long Hunter, Cody Conagher, and Cowboy & Indians, and let's just say I'm shootin Jimmy's guns now."

    Later from the SASS Wire: "Yesterday I got my new custom 73 in .38 from Jimmy Spurs at Cowboy Gunworks. HOT GUN - one of a kind two-tone finish and all kinds of action work. This is by far the best looking '73 I have seen, and also the smoothest and fastest I have handled."

  • Brett Cantrell (2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 SASS RI State Champion) - "We here in the Northeast have had the pleasure of knowing Jimmy for a few years. Wild Sage and I have been using guns worked on by Jimmy and have seen our hits go up and times go down. Period!"
  • Appaloosa Amy (2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 SASS CT Ladies State Champion) - Jimmy is most certainly the MAN! I have been using my "Honzo" 97 for a few months and it runs flawlessly...you won't find a shotgun anywhere that is smoother. And for Christmas I got a beauty of a 73...all slicked up and so pretty I smile every time I look at it. My daughter is shooting a pair of .32s Jimmy did for her and she raves about them. If you want to be a better shooter or just "look" better shooting, give Jimmy a call and watch seconds drop off your time..."
  • Pokerface McGee (2006 Delaware State Men�s Champion) and Quickdraw Pinkerton (2006 Delaware State Ladies� Champion, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 New Jersey State Shoot Ladies� Traditional Champion, 2005, 2006, 2007 Blue Mountain Shoot Out Ladies� Traditional Champion and Walnut Hill Gang members) - "When we decided to have short-stroked 1873 rifles built, we contacted Jimmy Spurs based on his shooting and gunsmithing reputation. The stories are TRUE! He is without a doubt a top-notch gunsmith. We ordered our 1873s through Cowboy Gunworks and really expected the guns to be like most 1873s with action jobs. We were both stunned with what we got; the rifles have the smoothest, lightest actions either of us have ever felt. The triggers are like breaking a glass rod, CRISP! Jimmy must use a little magic in his machining. We had four new USFA Rodeos that were in need of action jobs. Since the rifles turned out so far beyond our expectations, we contacted Jimmy about shipping the revolvers and having the full race option done. When the four revolvers came back, all we could say was, �WOW!� They are exceptionally smooth and easy to work, and again the triggers are light and crisp. They are also consistent; all four revolvers feel the same. Based on our experience with the rifles and pistols, we decided to replace our original �97 shotguns and have Jimmy build us new �97s. Again, the guns are fantastic! They are unbelievably slick, and the ejection is great; the shells launch out of the guns. Plus, Jimmy is right; they do look fast just sitting in the gun cart. We have had action jobs done before, but we didn�t realize that the guns could feel this nice. Jimmy built eight guns for us (two full sets of cowboy guns) in four months, which is amazingly fast. During this time Jimmy was in contact with us, asked what we wanted, shared his insight and knowledge, and made sure everything was right. If you are looking for a gunsmith, look no further. If you want new guns, action jobs, full race packages or just a set of springs, call Cowboy Gunworks. Jimmy is terrific to deal with, his work is fantastic, and the work is done when he says it will be done�what more can you ask?"
  • Purple Sage Lady (Soot Sister) - "I had a Norinco 97 that two different good gunsmiths worked on and the darn thing still locked up & ran awful. I had just about given up on it, then gave it to Jimmy for one last try. That shotgun works like a charm now... just as slick as you could ask one to be. He's good. You won't be disappointed."
  • Spaniard - "Jim did an action job on a pair of Cimarron Thunderer's of mine in 44-40. I had to check the serial number's to make sure they were the same guns!! Next time I saw Jim was the first time I shot them after the action work. He made a point to make sure that I was happy with them. He's a good fellow and does cracker jack work."
  • Piney Woods - "I LOVE my Jimmy Spurs '73."
  • Toledo Kid - "Along with all of my other pards here, I'd have to say Jimmy's work is top notch! I have a 73 that has an action that's as smooth as glass. And Jimmy goes that extra mile to make sure that it keeps working well after you shoot it in a match to confirm that there aren't any problems and that you're completely happy with his work."
  • Single Action - "Jimmy Spurs is a very meticulous Gunsmith. You won't be disappointed in Jimmy's work."
  • Dead Head - "Jimmy Spurs worked on my 1873 to repair it from my previous 'action job'. Then he slicked up and coned my Stoeger Coach Gun. He just finished putting the Colt-style halfcocks and widening the rear sight notch in my two Ruger Vaquaro's. Super work! I'm happy as a scum-sucking pig in ... "

    "I just shot my new 1873 rifle in the 2009 SASS NH/VT SASS State Championships with only a chance to shoot 10 shots prior to it. If it wasn't for all the damn smoke from shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, I bet I could give Jimmy Spurs a run for his money ... or at least his cat.

  • Doc Silverfinger - "He's done a '73, a Marlin, and a '97 for me .......all are the slickest around and shoot like a dream , if I do my part, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I've been practicing with a TTN that he's done......can't wait for the weather to warm up!!!!!!! He's the best around these parts as far as I'm concerned!!!!!"
  • Tacoma Kid - "Jimmy has RE-DONE a lot of our SASS guns. My Stoeger SXS, my wife's Marlin lever-gun & her 1987 pump gun. And not to long ago I got 1 of his trick 73 lever guns. He's gotten to be one of the best gunsmith's going. Plus he's a great guy to deal with. If you get a chance just try one of the lever guns.... But be ready...... You"ll have to get one. Been there, DID that............. "
  • Tessa Two Gunner - I just picked up my new 73 that you shipped to Lightning Wayne and I LOVE IT!!!! The wood on the stock is beautiful and the action is soooo slick! Can't wait to actually fire a few rounds through it.
  • Calico Kid (SASS Regulator) - "I had him work on a couple of my handguns and he proved himself to be a excellent gunsmith and a gentleman."
  • Wylie Harp - "Jimmy is a most talented individual and he has learned from the best. Not only is his work excellent, but he is always there to back your play."
  • Roy Cassidy - "I finally got to shoot the '92. It shot just under 50 rnds with out a hitch. Thanks for the fine service. You are the gunsmith I will recommend to anyone who asks who I use. Thanks again."
  • Pittsburg Mac - "Jimmy Spurs is the best of the best in my opinion when it comes to cowboy gunsmithing. His guns will make you shoot faster and give you confidence. I had Jim build me a short stroke �73�, three half-cock .357 Vaqueros, a Stoeger SXS and a �97�. I liked them so much that I had him build me backups for everything that he did in case he hits Megabucks and decides to shoot full time and give up gunsmithing. He also slicked up a Browning low-wall and a Bond derringer for me in addition to several other cowboy guns. His work is meticulous. He is truly committed to customer satisfaction and stands behind everything that he does. In addition to being a great gunsmith and cowboy action shooter he is a true example of the �Cowboy Way� because he will always offer advice to a shooter and will share his expertise and knowledge. If you give him a try I guarantee that you will be satisfied."
  • SEMO Joe - "Got both shotguns today and my revolvers came in last Friday. I couldn't be more happy with them. The Rugers are unbelievably slick and I always thought they were good right out of the box. I am so glad you mentioned the hammer shotgun. It not only is cool looking but opens and functions like a dream. I can't wait to shoot it. The TTN pump is also great and I really appreciate your hard work on it. You're the best. Thanks for everything. I'll be sending my other BlackHawk up to you soon.
  • Westphalian Phil (in Germany) - "I just wanted to let you know that I have received your gun today. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWW, what a difference to my plough! Tomorrow I am leaving for the German Championships and in about 2 weeks I will attend the European Championships in Brescia Italy. I will use your shotgun, because it is just a ton better than what I have now. I hope to be able to try the gun before the main match starts. If you want to see what I can do with the plough, check out this website and click on the very end of the videos on Westphalian Phil, that would be me! I finished second in that match, beaten by Ray Heartless of Sweden, who also has a video you might want to check just below mine. Well - have fun with it, and once again, what a shotgun! You da man!"
  • Grouchy Spike - "Jimmy, nice work on slicking up an 1897. I didn't realize how stiff was my original 97 until I used your magic yesterday in a match. Sweet!"
  • Spirit Warrior - "I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the time you took with me. I appreciate hearing your tips as well as your point of view on CAS overall. I enjoy listening to all the shooters but find your thinking honest and more in line with mine. While I don't live to compete I really would like to place at a major shoot before I get much older. I will continue to experiment with the tips you gave me to see which work for me and which don't."
  • Wm T Hodge - "I got my pistols today and they are even more than I expected. The fit, feel and function are flawless. I really like the trigger and hammer on each. Can't wait to get my shotgun now. Send me a workup on price at your convenience. I probably am the most novice CAS in this area, but I 'll put my guns up against anyones. Thanks for the service and advice and the craftsmanship."
  • Slo Mo - "I wish to thank you again for working on my Rugers. They are amazingly smooth & quick, not to mention they look fantastic. You do excellent work & take great care of your customers. Although I am not in the same league as Deuce Stevens it sure ain't cause of my equipment. I would be pleased to refer anyone toward your services. Thanks again, Jimmy Spurs. You & yours take care & I hope to see ya on the trail sometime."

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