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What's New?

- July 13, 2017:

My good friends, Crystal Creek Chris and Splinter Bill, were the SASS NH State Champions and Top Overall Shooters last weekend at the SASS NH State Championships hosted by the Pemi Peacemakers at the Pemigewasset Fish and Game Club in Holderness, NH.

- June 4, 2017:

My good friend, Dead Head, received the Cowboy Spirit Award today at the SASS MA-CT-RI State Championships for service to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. He also was named the 2016 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year late last year. Congratulations!

May 24, 2017:

We congratulate Missouri Lefty for his overall win at the SASS Georgia State Championship. This rifle run is 2.5 seconds off the table with no hands on gun. He has been running the same Cowboy Gunworks built 1873 rifle for six years now.

May 24, 2017:

Here's a photo of Lady Dakota and others from Winter Range:

December 15, 2016:

We are proud to announce that we are again sponsoring a stage at Winter Range, the SASS National Championship in Phoenix, AZ February 22-26, 2017. Please stop by our tent to check out the latest acton work by Jimmy Spurs.

June 28, 2016:

Missouri Lefty - Congratulations for winning the 2016 SASS World Cowboy Action Shooting Championship 'End of Trail' at Founders Ranch, NM!

Missouri Lefty has been shooting a pair of Cowboy Gunworks Full Race Full Stroke Vaqueros for the last 5 years as well as a custom built 1873 rifle that Cowboy Gunworks built for him. He is supported by his grandfather James Wisdom Sr. and his whole family. He has been a great example of what a real cowboy should be.

Click for a video (10.0 MB) of Missouri Lefty shooting a 8.10 second stage.

'Missouri Lefty' with EOT awards

'Missouri Lefty' with 'Sass Kicker'.
They were the top male and top female at End of Trail.

January 2, 2016:

Kurt vise - Click for a video of my assistant Cade checking the "Run Out" on the new Kurt vise with a dial indicator which is showing .000". Kurt vices are the standard for exacting machine work on any milling machine. We are looking forward to putting out some of the best Ruger and custom CAS firearms in 2016!

Cade with Kurt vise.

September 23, 2015:


Here is a picture of 'Illustrated Man' and 'Spinning Sally', the 2015 SASS NY State Champions.

Illustrated Man and Spinning Sally, 2015 SASS NY State Champions.

September 22, 2015:

From the past - 45 years later:

This is a photo from page 72 of the October 2015 American Rifleman magazine. The article is about Allan Cors, who is the new NRA President (volunteer, uppaid position). Part of the article is talking about how Allan has shot competitively for years and the picture shows the 1970 Virginia State Civilian Rifle Team at Camp Perry, OH during the National Trophy Rifle Team Championships.

My friend and webmaster, 'Dead Head', is in the picture and is the second from the right in the rear row while Allan Cors is next to him. If you look at Dead Head's hand gripping the M14NM rifle (not a M1A by the way), what looks like a glove is actually an Ace bandage wrapping around his hand and holding a metal splint in place along his pinky finger. He shot over a week of high power rifle competition at 200, 300, 600 and 1,000 yards with a fractured knuckle at the base of the pinky finger on his left hand. That is the hand that is in the sling and against the sling swivel while in the prone and sitting positions and takes a lot of the recoil. He had it operated on when he got home to Virginia before going back to Tennessee Tech to college. He was 19 years old then.

1970 Virginia State Civilian Rifle Team during the National Trophy Rifle Team Match.

September 15, 2015:

SASS Maine State Championships:

Congratulations to 'Davey the Kidd', for winning the 2015 Maine State Junior Championship with a Clean Shoot !!! Great job!

Davey the Kidd

July 10, 2015:

End of Trail

Congratulations to 'Ms. Jewel', SASS World Champion Grande Dame at End of Trail. Great job!

Ms. Jewell, 2015 End of Trail Grande Dame champion

June 30, 2015:

10 years in business!

Cowboy Gunworks is celebrating ten years of business! We thank all of our costumers for their continued business and support over the years.

Cowboy Gunworks logo

June 27, 2015:

2015 SASS NH State Champions!

'Jimmy Spurs' with 'Crystal Creek Chris' - 2015 SASS NH State Champions. This is Jimmy's 10th straight SASS NH State Championship in a row and Crystal Creek Chris's 7th straight championship in a row. Jimmy was also the Overall Winner and Crystal Creek Chris was the Overall Lady Winner. Jimmy is just one of many state champions shooting guns built at Cowboy Gunworks.

Jimmy Spurs with Crystal Creek Chris - 2015 SASS NH State Champions.

June 8, 2015:

Match Sponsor!

'Jimmy Spurs' being recognized as the Match Sponsor at the award ceremony by 'Yankee' - 2015 SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships Match Director.

May 20, 2015:

'97s are back: Great news - IAC is now putting out their best '97 ever. Once these '97s receive our Full Race Action work they are the slickest and fastest '97s ever. Give the shop a call to reserve one.

A selection of 1897 shotguns ...

April 24, 2015:

Great News: Uberti has been doing a great job on getting us rifles that we have been slicking up with our Full Race Action work including super smooth short stroke, Top Gun Trigger with under and over travel, large brass bead front sight, leather lever wrap, our aluminum mag tube alignment kit with stainless spring and follower, jeweled hammer,trigger, and internal toggle links ... and machined-out light weight brass carrier.

The case coloring has been coming out great as well as the wood. Available in many different configurations ... Call Jimmy for details!

We also have a new shipment of new 1897 Shotguns that we will be giving our Custom Full Race Action job's. Give Jimmy a call to get on the list.

Missouri Lefty shooting his brand-new Cowboy Gunworks rifle

Some of the 1873 rifles Jimmy can customize for you ...

December 15, 2014:

New from Cowboy Gunworks: Magazine Tube Plug .45LC, .44/40, .357mag (1866, 73 rifles) black anodized billet aluminum magazine tube. Each comes with its own Allen key for easy removal and cleaning of the magazine tube area. A great value at $19.99 each.

Magazine tube plug.

December 14, 2014:

Tommy Mosier (aka Tommy Two Spurs) was the top student in the Maine State Junior Game Warden program. We're very proud of him!

Tommy Two Spurs was the top student in the ME State Junior Game Warden program.

December 13, 2014:

Tommy Two Spurs & and his shooting partner Zachoria Spurs at the SASS VT State Championships.

Tommy Two Spurs and Zachoria Spurs

October 6, 2014:

Here is a picture of my instructor pilot Bob Casian and I from when I received my FAA Private Pilot's license and the next one is at 7,500 feet over the Vermont mountains.

Jimmy with his instructor Bob Casian when Jimmy earned his Private Pilot license.

Over Vermont mountains at 7,500 feet.

September 29, 2014:

Here are pictures of the 2014 SASS New Hampshire State Champions Crystal Creek Chris and Jimmy Spurs and then Jimmy Spurs and Rootin' Tootin' Tim from Maine:

Crystal Creek Chris and Jimmy Spurs

Jimmy Spurs and Rootin' Tootin' Tim

September 18, 2014:

Here is a review by Deuce Stevens on a pair of Cowboy Gunworks Full Race Ruger Revolvers with Short Strokes:

Click here

July 27, 2014:

The Cowboy Gunworks crew at the 2014 SASS New England Regional.

2014 SASS New England Regional.

Ju1y 24, 2014:

Congratulations to Canadian Two Feathers - three time SASS Canadian Regional Champion!

Canadian Two Feathers

Ju1y 22, 2014:

Cowboy Gunworks has been building guns for Cowboy Mounted shooting for over ten years now, but recently the sport has become much more popular. Here is a picture of customer Dale Gilbert and his horse Outlaw

Dale Gilbert and his horse, Outlaw.

Ju1y 1, 2014:

Congratulations to these shooters that did well at 2014 'End of Trail' and especially these that shot our products including 'Cobra Cat' - 2014 World Champion ... shooting a pair of custom-built Vaquero's by Cowboy Gun Works:

Slick's Sharp Shooter - 2014 World Cowgirl Champion
Slick's Sharp Shooter from GA - 2014 World Cowgirl Champion.

Hikes Point Hank - 2014 World Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Champion
Hikes Point Hank from GA - 2014 World Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Champion

Blackhawk Henry - 2014 World B-Western Champion
Blackhawk Henry - 2014 World B-Western Champion

Bandera Kid - "My Ruger's you fixed up for me worked great at EOT ---- #7 Senior Duelist & Clean match ..... my first time there."
Bandera Kid - Texas

Dixie Pistols from GA. 5th Place in Ladies B-Western.
Dixie Pistols from GA.

June 23, 2014:

A new set of hot rods with a custom two tone finish headed down to NC!"

Hot rods for NC.

Here is a pair of Custom Built 32s that we built for 'Black Hawk Henry'...

Here is a pair of Custom Built 32s that we built for Black Hawk Henry

June 3, 2014:

Jimmy supporting the next generation of cowboys ...

Jimmy with Landon

Landon's letter.

May 2014:

We would like to congratulate Rob Baratta for making the big jump up to Cowboy Mounted Shooting Level 5! Rob rescued his horse Tango when the horse was only 8 months old and trained him himself. Tango is now a 9-year old gelding paint/pinto with a great disposition. Congrats to them both!

Shooting Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Check out our 'Rifle Upgrades' page to get your Cowboy Gunworks Smooth Cycle Sleeve Kit today if you are shooting an Uberti 1873 rifle in .357 MAG/.38 Special and want it to operate smoother!

April 19, 2014:

This Rob Baratta ... a competitive Mounted Shooter from NH shooting a pair of .45 Colt Stainless Vaquero's.

Rob Baratta

March 17, 2014:

Here is a picture of a pair of Custom Built Vaquero's that we built for 'Sage Chick'. She is the current SASS Lady World Champion!

A set of pistols made for Sage Chick.

March 5, 2014:

Congrats to 'Cobra Cat' and 'SASS Kicker' for winning the SASS National Championships 'Winter Range' in Phoenix. Cobra Cat has been shooting our Full Race Vaquero's some time now and is now the National Champion of Cowboy Action Shooting!

Also congrats to 'Grazer' for winning Duelest, Duke Sky Walker for winning Wrangler, Black Jack Zak for winning 49er and Doc Noper for winning Senior. My buddy, Duece Stevens, was third overall and once again crushed the competition winning Speed Pistol with his Full Race Full Stroke Ruger's, Speed Rifle and Speed Double-Barrel Shotgun.

Cobra Cat and SASS Kicker, 2014 National Champions

January 26, 2014:

Here is a picture of 'Canadian Two Feathers' and Big Al aka 'Canadian Black Magic'. These two came down from Canada a while back and vacationed in the NH/VT area while I built up a full set of guns for them both. Since then they have been shooting up a storm all over the USA ... and Canadian Two Feathers has since taken the Top Cowgirl honors in Canada!

Canadian Black Magic and Canadian Two Feathers with Jimmy Spurs.

January 4, 2014:

"Here is a New Pair of Hot Rods Custom Built for The Eastwood Kid ! "

The Eastwood Kid's guns

January 3, 2014:

Two videos of a 120 degree Radial steam engine made by 'Callous Cade' who helps Jimmy in his shop:

Video 1 (Takes a little while to load, but ... worth it!)

Video 2

Cade's engine

January 2, 2014:

My friend 'Red River Ray':

Red River Ray on cover

December 23, 2013:

'Deuce Stevens' recently recorded this review of a set of Ruger New Vaquero 5.5" revolvers that I made for him on YouTube. Enjoy!

November 2, 2013:

Davey The Kidd, nephew of No Nonsense Nancy and Rootin' Tootin' Tim, with his 770 pound bull moose from the deep woods of Maine.

Davey The Kidd with his moose.

Sept. 29, 2013:

Cowboy Gunworks is pleased to announce their "Rifle Upgrades" page. Check out these great new products to help your Uberti 1873/1866 rifle work better when you are shooting .357 Magnum or .38 Special ammunition.

Sept. 25, 2013:

Jimmy after making his first solo airplane flight. On the right is the 'Oneshot Willtravel', a pilot and Cowboy Action Shooter that has been helping and training Jimmy in his airplane.
Jimmy Spurs after his first solo flight.

September 16, 2013:

Congratulations to The Illustrated Man and Spinning Sally for winning the 2013 SASS NY State Championships.

The Illustrated Man and Spinning Sally - 2013 SASS NY State Champions.

Sept. 10, 2013:

Congratulations to Rootin' Tootin' Tim and his wife, No Nonsense Nancy, for their SASS ME State Championship wins!

Rootin' Tootin' Tim and No Nonsense Nancy - 2013 SASS ME State Champions.

Sept. 9, 2013:

Congratulations to Deuce Stevens and his wife, KJ Stevens, for their SASS MI State Championship wins!

SASS MI State Champions

August 30, 2013: The Eagle-Tribune newspaper

DERRY - Jim McMahon is helping the fastest guns in the West - not to mention the North, South and East.

Champion cowboy-style sport shooters, city slickers and cowpokes alike, call on the Derry gunsmith to provide firearms for their duels in the sun. McMahon counts 47 state champions among his clientele that now spans the globe. His Cowboy Gunworks serves customers in all the exotic ports of call: Puerto Rico, Germany, Australia, even Bangor, Maine. "It's not bragging," McMahon said, "if it's true."

He is a master of his trade, so much so that at age 49 he is able to make his living as a gunsmith. "It's really gratifying," McMahon said. "I don't consider it work any more."

The retired Teamster, a champion snowmobile dragster, fell into the competitive cowboy gun culture one mud season, when a friend suggested they give the sport a try after racing ended. "I went to my first match and came out wondering why my guns were so much stiffer than everybody else," McMahon said. He recalled sitting in his workshop until 3:30 in the morning, pondering that question.

McMahon had to tinker with snowmobiles to join the elite of that sport, so it was natural he would do the same with guns. "Basically, my background was in machining, performance and efficiency to make things go faster," he said. McMahon took his guns apart and went to work on them. Each week, he would go back to competitions, continue asking questions and show off his improvements. He loved the sport, in which shooters compete under Old West aliases. His is "Jimmy Spurs" and he is a past and current state champion.

"I've been into the 'cowboy thing' my whole life," he said. He remembers all the old TV shows like "Bonanza" and couldn't get enough of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies.

As McMahon got faster, his rivals took an admiring interest in his gunsmithing. A Rhode Island champion, Tom Calandra, recognized something special. "He said, 'Would you build me a gun? It's the best action work I've ever felt,'" McMahon said.

Others followed Calandra to McMahon' workshop, many others. "I think Jim's reputation speaks for itself at this point," Calandra said. "He is one of the most prominent gunsmiths in the world, as far as cowboy guns."

McMahon modifies Ruger Single-Action Vaqueros, a copy of the 1873 Colt Peacemaker, for competition, with his own lightweight parts. "We're not manufacturing guns here, we're just improving their performance," he said. "I design and build all my own parts." Clients pay him $1,100 for one revolver. They buy two at a time and orders take two months to fill, he said.

"We're efficiency gurus," he said. "We make them last longer and shoot faster." Speed matters to the shooters, because competitions are timed. So he promises them one thing: "Five shots in under a second."

But quality and craftmanship matter to McMahon. "Every gun that leaves here has to be 100 percent right," he said. McMahon doesn't advertise. He doesn't have to, because word of mouth in the cowboy-shooting arena is a good word about Cowboy Gunworks. Dealings with clients are by appointment only.

He's at work 12 hours a day in the shop. He has occasional apprentices - niece Rachael and nephew Zach like to come from Florida to work with their uncle. But there's a trusty sidekick, too, 16-year-old Cade Ciripompa, a junior at Hudson's Alvirne High who met McMahon through his dad and the shooting competitions. "He does all the shipping, receiving and billing," McMahon said. "I build the guns and Cade does all the rest."

McMahon, who also runs shooting schools for youth competitors, tries to instill a work ethic in his young helpers. "Uncle Jimmy is a workaholic," he said. "You're going to be here all day, every day, 12 hours a day." Cade said he's learning everything from McMahon's experience. "Be fair and people will be fair with you," is McMahon's advice to Cade.

McMahon tells customers his guns are warranteed for life. "When I die, my niece and nephew will take over for me," he said.

Potential customers also get advice at the right price. "I give good advice over the phone; it's free," he said. "You can take the advice I give you and get your guns somewhere else, if you want."

If McMahon thinks of it - sometimes he's so busy, he forgets - customers get a signature authenticating his work inside the gun handle. He appreciates the following his guns have attained in the sport.

"My guns are highly sought after," he said. "My guns are known for the fancy embellishment and jeweling." McMahon expects to keep on gunsmithing as long as he's around, but now that he's mastered the trade, this former trucker and snowmobile champion is learning how to be a pilot.

"I like a challenge all the time," McMahon said. "Many times, when you feel you've conquered a challenge, you feel you have to move on."


July 29, 2013:

Here we are at the SASS New England Regional "The Great Nor'easter" in Pelham, NH:

Cowboy Gunworks at The Great Nor'easter

July 15, 2013:

Now that the dust has settled from 'End of Trail', I am proud to say the Duece Stevens has once again proven that when shooting his Cowboy Gunworks Full Race, Full Stroke Vaquero's with or with out the transfer bar that he is the Fastest Single Action Shooter in the World! Also Congrats to Shamrock Sadie for proving the same with her Cowboy Gunworks Full Race Ruger's!

Missoury Fefty has been shooting up a storm all over the MidWest and took home top honors in the Buckaroo Category. Shamrock Sadie won Ladies Wrangler, Lead Ringer is man to beat in Frontier Cartridge, James Samuel Pike is the World Champion Wrangler and Doc Noper from Michigan put on a Great Show at EOT with one bad stage keeping him from taking home the World Champion honors in the 49er category. And don't forget Grazer who was one spot off from winning Duelist.

Congrats to everyone that made the trip out there with their Cowboy Gunworks firearms as you are all winners on our eyes.

For those of you that have been waiting for Ruger's to fill our large back order of New Vaquero's, they are here so you will be getting a call as I get to each work order.

So if you are thinking of getting a pair of Full Race Ruger's yourself and would like to take your game up to the next level by shaving precious seconds off your stage times, give us a call and get on the list. We do NOT take any deposits and just ask for patience as we'll build one gun at a time and do NOT use any Kits or Parts that may or may not be correct for your gun.

Ruger New Vaquero revolvers in stock.

July 14, 2013:

Congratulations to "Cowboy Carty", the 2013 IL State Champion using Cowboy Gunworks Rugers!

Cowboy Carty

Cowboy Carty pistols made by Cowboy Gunworks.

July 12, 2013:

Congratulations to 'Texas Tiger' EOT Lady 49er Champion along with New England Lady 49er buckle winners Stormy Shooter, Annabelle Bransford and Hawley McCoy.

Lady 49er shooters at End of Trail.

May 5, 2013:

I flew down to the Georgia this weekend to see ... The Judge, Fast Eddie and Georgia Slick for their state shoot this past weekend. WOW, what a great match these guys put on! Targets: BIG and Close. Scenarios: Simple and Easy. It seems like every top shooter on the East Coast shows up for this one!

After the dust had settled it was one of Flordia's finest, Santa Fe River Stan with Red River Ray Hot on his tail. Also congrats to Slick Sharp Shooter for being Top Junior Girl and Foxy Filly for being Top Georgia Cowgirl.

Foxy Filly

April 13, 2013:

Here is a picture that was on the front page of The Cowboy Chronicle of my niece Little Ruby and I with R.J. Law and his Family at the 2012 SASS MI State Championships. Jimmy and Little Ruby were happy they could help out the Gillary Family and their Foundation which puts difibulators in schools all around Michigan.

2012 SASS MI State Championships

March 26, 2013:

Just got my Custom Built 1911 in 9mm from Cardbord Cowboy! His attention to detail is unmatched when it comes to building a 1911 from the Caspian frame up with 2.5 lbs trigger pull that breaks like glass. And the Serial Number is "Jimmy Spurs 1"! Thank you so much, my friend !

1911 in 9mm

March 11, 2013:

Okay, a quick update for all that have asked:

I'm getting settled in after a great week at Winter Range in Arizona for the SASS National Championships. You should plan on going to this great shoot!

Special thanks to Blackjack Zak for putting together one great event for not only shooters, but venders as well.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to look at the latest work we are putting out. To the many that placed orders: rest assured we are back in the shop working 7 days a week to fill orders!

Congrats to Duece Stevens for being 2nd Overall and winning Speed Pistol by nearly 1/2 second. That adds up to nearly 5 sec on a 10 stage match. Also congrats is in order to the Ladies Speed Pistol winner, Texas Tiger! She was absolutely flying with her Full Race Rugers. As well as Grazer winning Duelist, Slicks Sharp Shooter for taking the top honors in Junior Girls and how about Stormy Shooter winning Top Overall Lady? All shooting Full Race Ruger's built by Cowboy Gunworks.

January 3, 2013:

'Jimmy Spurs' and Cowboy Gunworks is proud to anounce that they will be sponsoring 'Winter Range' SASS National Championships again this year. We will again have a large display of Full Race Rugers in many differant configurations for everyone to check out, as well a few new things for 2013!

Stop by and say "hi" to 'Jimmy Spurs' and 'Deuce Stevens' as we will be there all week.

Winter Range logo

Nov. 5, 2012:

Jerseytown Kid
The 'Jerseytown Kid' was a graduate of the Cowboy Gunworks Top Gun Shooting School in 2012 and went on to become the Top Overall Male Shooter at the SASS Northeast Regional "Mason-Dixon Stampede". Nice job, Kid!

Nov. 3, 2012:

Zac is a senior in high school taking a few college classes during the week, but on the weekends the 'Campo Kid' has been ripping it up all over the country this year! Zac has been shooting a pair of our Full Race Ruger Vaqueros for 4 years now and has become one of the top CAS and Single Action Shooters in the country!

October 15, 2012:

Illustrated Man - top male at 2012 SASS Long Island Championship 'Melee on the Bay'.  'Garnet Gal' was the top lady shooter.  Both shoot Cowboy Gunworks firearms and are good friends of mine.
'Illustrated Man' - top male at 2012 SASS Long Island Championship 'Melee on the Bay'. 'Garnet Gal' was the top lady shooter. Both shoot Cowboy Gunworks firearms and are good friends of mine.

August 29, 2012:

I will be at the SASS MI State Championships and then the SASS US Open in Sparta, IL.

Later in the fall I will be at the SASS Melee On The Bay on Long Island, NY, then SASS NJ State Championships and then the SASS Southeast Regional in South Carolina.

August 24, 2012:

'Jimmy Spurs' (7 Time NH State Champion, 2010 New England Regional Champion, and 2011 North West Regional Champion) will be conducting his "Top Gun Shooting School" at the 2012 SASS New Jersey State Championship on Thursday, October 18th.

The course will include classroom training as well as a lot of live fire training and run from 9am until 4:30pm, Feel free to bring a lunch or snack as we will break around noon time. A large emphasis will be placed on transitions and proper gun handling skills.

The class will cover all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Price is $150.00 per student, payable at the event. Note: Junior shooters 17 and under may take the class for free when accompanied by a participating adult.

Ammunition required is 250 rifle, 250 pistol and 150 shotgun.

Feel free to contact Jimmy Spurs with any questions. Shop Phone: 603-425-1189, Cell Phone: 603-490-0312, Email:cowboygunworks@aol.com.

August 13, 2012:

Congratulations to my friend 'Fly Rod' for winning the tough Senior Category at the SASS New England Regional!

Fly Rod - SASS New England Regional Senior Champion.

July 30, 2012:

Tommy Two Spurs (son of Splinter Jack and grandson of Peddler Jack) with his new Full Race Vaqueros that were built by Cowboy Gunworks and given to him by some very generous New England CAS Shooters at the SASS New England Regional. He is also wearing a new leather rig built and donated by 'Colt Faro' from Texas.

Tommy Two Spurs and Jimmy Spurs

July 29, 2012:

Congratulations to Deuce Stevens and KJ Stevens, the Top Overall Shooters at the 2012 SASS New England Regional.

And a special congratulation to my nephew,
Zacoria Spurs, the 2012 SASS New England Regional Buckaroo Champion!

Zachoria Spurs, 2012 SASS New England Regional Buckaroo Champion.

July 28, 2012:

Deuce Stevens and I ran a 'Top Gun Shooting School' on the day before the SASS New England Regional with a great group of shooters!

Zachoria Spurs in action.

Practicing on the line.

Little Ruby

Jimmy Spurs

Illustrated Man, Fly Rod and James West.

July 18, 2012:

Hey Pard, Four Bucks here in Alaska. Just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for the great work and for getting me my revolvers here in time for our State and Territorial Matches. Here's a picture with the results of your work and my shooting. I couldn't be happier. See ya somewhere down the trail.

Pistol made for Four Bucks from Alaska and the buckles it helped win.

July 11, 2012:

Link on article about the 13th Annual Cowboy Charity Shoot To Benefit Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital.


July 1, 2012: Jimmy Spurs and Crystal Creek Chris win the SASS NH State Championship!

2012 SASS NH State Champions:  Jimmy Spurs and Crystal Creek Chris.

June 25, 2012:

Deuce Stevens: World Champion Speed Pistol

Deuce has been shooting our Full Race Vaquero for 6 years now. He also won Speed Rifle and Speed Double Barrel Shotgun! Also congrats for finishing in the Top 16 at EOT this year.

Duece Stevens with Speed Pistol Buckle from EOT.

June 8, 2012:

Photos from the 13th Annual Cowboy Charity Shoot To Benefit Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital run by the Illowa Irregulars and Shady Creek Shootists.

Sign with the rifle.

Organizers with rifle.

June 3, 2012:

Photo of 'Tommy Two Spurs' - winner of the Buckaroo category at the SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships at Harvard, MA:

Tommy Two Spurs

May 8, 2012:

Here are some photos of the "one of a kind" Super Custom Match 1873 Rifle I built and am donating to the 13th Annual Cowboy Charity Shoot To Benefit Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital run by the Illowa Irregulars and Shady Creek Shootists. The pure silver Saint Jude inlay work was donated by my good friend 'Mongollon Drifter' at Old West Laser Graphic.

Saint Jude rifle

Saint Jude rifle

Close up of Saint Jude rifle inner guts.

Saint Jude rifle - stock

April 16, 2012:

Check out this cool cart made by my friend 'Dusty Levis' of Wooden Works West.

"At last a full-size gun cart that can fit in the trunk of a compact car and meets FAA size requirements for checked baggage. The Carried Away� gun cart is perfect for traveling to shoots, but so nice you'll want to use it all the time. It holds up to six long guns and has a built-in, locking, ammo box. When folded, the full axle and 16" wheels store neatly inside. By the way, the pneumatic wheels can handle the roughest terrain. But even rough terrain can't mar the elegant styling of brass hinges, clasps, feet and corner guards or the leather handle. (Folded size: 9" x 18" x 28")"

Check out this video on YouTube showing it being made and then assembled like you were arriving at a match after traveling and also this information sheet.

The Carried Away gun cart

March 21, 2012:

'Jimmy Spurs' and Cowboy Gunworks will be the Main Match Sponsor of the 2012 SASS Georgia State Championship "Round Up at River Bend" to be held May 3-6, 2012. 'Deuce Stevens' will be representing Cowboy Gunworks at the event and have a nice display of our latest generation Custom Built Rugers for everyone to check out.

March 21, 2012:

I will be conducting an one-day 'Top Gun Shooting School' on Wednesday, July 25th at 'The Great Nor�easter' SASS New England Regional with special guest instructor 'Deuce Stevens' (2010 Overall National Champion, 2008 Traditional National Champion and 2nd overall at 2008 Winter Range).

The course will include classroom training as well as a lot of live fire training and run from 9am until 4:30pm. A large emphasis will be placed on transitions and proper gun handling skills.

The class will cover all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Price is $150.00 per student payable at the event.

Ammunition required is 250 rifle, 250 pistol and 150 shotgun.

Please fill out the 'Top Gun Shooting School' registration form to reserve a place in the class and mail to: Cowboy Gunworks, 30 Walnut Hill Road, Derry, NH 03038.

Feel free to contact Jimmy Spurs with any questions. Shop Phone: 603-425-1189 Cell Phone: 603-490-0312 Email: cowboygunworks@aol.com.

Here is a chance to learn from two of the top Cowboy Action Shooters in the game!

Click for the Registration Form in .pdf format.

March 15, 2012:

I am donating a "one of a kind" Super Custom Match 1873 Rifle to the 13th Annual Cowboy Charity Shoot To Benefit Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital run by the Illowa Irregulars and Shady Creek Shootists like this one:.

One of a kind rifle

February 27, 2012:

I had a great trip to 'Winter Range' and got to show off my work to lots of shooters. Thanks to all that came by to visit!

Shooters using my pistols placed First, Second and Third in Speed Pistol and First in Speed Rifle!

Shooters winning National Championships while using guns I built include Red River Ray (Wrangler), Grazer (Duelist), Campo Kid (Junior Boys) and Rattlesnake Wrangler (Buckaroo).

Here's a photo of Rattlesnake Wrangler (13 years old) with his First Place award in Speed Pistol!
Jimmy Spurs with Rattlesnake Wrangler at Winter Range.

I also sponsored a stage at Winter Range.
Stage Sponsor - Cowboy Gunworks.

With my friend "Dead Head" showing off his new hair-on batwing chaps!
Jimmy Spurs with Dead Head at Winter Range booth.

February 7, 2012:

"See what Cowboys are saying on the SASS Wire about Jimmy's work ... link.

January 16, 2012:

Stop by our tent at 'Winter Range' the 2012 SASS National Championships in Phoenix, AZ February 20-26th and see our huge display of Ruger revolvers! Cowboy Gunworks is a Stage Sponsor.

Ruger revolvers at Cowboy Gunworks.

January 8, 2012:

'Little Ruby', Jimmy's niece, is the 2012 SASS FL State Junior Champion!

Little Ruby and Jimmy Spurs

Dec. 24, 2011:

'Deuce Stevens' (video) testing a new Pair of Super Short Stroke Rugers built by Jimmy Spurs in 22 degree weather on Christmas Eve.

December 2011:

Little Ruby's brother, Dan, receives his Eagle Scout award.
Dan getting Eagle Scout.

Nov. 26, 2011:

Cody (the Maine Coon Cat) and I are back in New Hampshire after the "Jimmy Spurs Great American Road Trip". I'll be putting up some photos and videos from the trip. Here are some to start off:

'Joe Dakota' from Germany being timed by 'Rephil' (video).

Testing a pair of New Vaquero pistols in Arizona (video).

'Rephil' from Germany (and former European Champion) at Cowtown in Arizona. (video)

Jimmy Spurs with Shotgun Boogie from Germany.
Jimmy Spurs with Shotgun Boogie from Germany. We spent a lot of time "talking shop"
at Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone AZ. He is Europe's top CAS gunsmith.

Poster from Tombstone, AZ.

Nov. 13, 2011:

Jimmy Spurs with Rattlesnake Wrangler and Red River Ray (2011 SASS Southeast Regional Men's Champion)
Jimmy Spurs with Rattlesnake Wrangler and Red River Ray.

Nov. 9, 2011:

I'm in South Carolina for the SASS Southeast Regional "Gunfight at Givens Ferry" after traveling to "The Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly" in Norco, CA , then the SASS Arizona State Championship "Bordertown", followed by "Comin' At Cha" SASS Southwest Regional in Texas.

To quote my friend 'Dead Head' in New Hampshire, "What a Long, Strange Trip It Has Been!".

Oct. 17, 2011:

I'm on my way to "The Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly" in Norco, CA that will be held Oct. 20-23. Come by and visit if you are in the area.

Oct. 12, 2011:

I will be heading for "Bordertown", the SASS Arizona State Championship at the end of the month, followed by "Comin' At Cha" SASS Southwest Regional in Texas and then the "Gunfight at Givens Ferry" SASS Southeast Regional in South Carolina. I am doing work while on the road with my mobile gunshop that includes a milling machine so I can open up rear sights to make it easier to acquire a quick sight picture.

Sept. 25, 2011:

I had a great time at the SASS Northwest Regional Championships and won Top Gun!

I met the nicest people ...

Sept. 18, 2011:

Congratulations to my pard Illustrated Man for winning the 2011 SASS NY State Championships and my pard Deuce Stevens for winning Top Gun at the 2011 SASS MN State Championships!

Sept. 11, 2011:

Congratulations to Splinter Jack and No Nonsense Nancy for winning the 2011 SASS Maine State Championships!

Sept. 6, 2011:

I'm going to be on the "Jimmy Spurs Great American Road Trip" for quite a while.

First I'll be at the U S Open in Sparta, IL and then to the SASS MN State Championships. Then on to the SASS Northwest Regional in Washington and back to the Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Cody, WY area for some R & R. More later ...

June 6, 2011:

Here's an image of three generations of one family that shoot Cowboy Gunworks guns. Each uses a 1897 shotgun, an Uberti rifle and all shoot Ruger pistols.

Left to Right: Splinter Jack, Tommy Two Spurs and Peddler Jack.

Left to Right:  Splinter Jack, Tommy Two Spurs and Peddler Jack.

May 12, 2011:

Well, winter is finally over in New Hampshire. We had close to ten feet of snow fall this year. Keeping the CGW Shop clear of snow for customers all winter was like having a part time job, but was a small price to pay for its beauty!

'Little Ruby' came up with her little sister, 'Krazy Jenny'. They live in Florida with my sister and have never seen snow before. Of course, they wanted to build a snow man. 'Little Ruby' worked in the shop on Rugers and as well as doing some light machining on the Bridgeport every day she was here as did Jenny who vacuumed and made sure the shop was clean and Ruby and I were fed! Than it was back out in the snow ..

Many people are still waiting on rifles as am I. I will fill orders as best I can when they come in.

We did a lot of R & D on the Ruger Vaquero over the winter and have now started to offer things like Hammer Over Travel, Trigger Over Travel and Custom Fit Belt Mountain Base Pins for all Ruger Single Actions in Stainless or Blue. These pins really help keep the angle of the cylinder in a Ruger perfectly straight with the barrel, making every shot more accurate.

I'm proud to say that I had 32 State Champions (Overall) in 2010 shooting my firearms and I would like to congratulate you all.

I plan on hitting the road this fall with the Cowboy Gunworks Stage Coach (Motor Home) and the 32' Cowboy Gunworks Race Trailer. Last year I outfitted the trailer with a small machine shop complete with buffers, sanders, saw, Tig Welder, air compressor and even a small milling machine.

So far I am planning on the SASS Michigan State Championship, the US Open in Sparta, IL and the SASS Minnisota State Championship in September. In early November I'll be at the SASS Southwest Regional in Texas and the SASS Southeast Regional in South Carolina.

Good luck to everyone in 2011!

Shoot safe and have fun, Jimmy

Click to view larger image of snow outside Cowboy Gunworks. Click to view larger image of the snowmen. Click to view larger image of the snowmen outside Cowboy Gunworks. Click to view larger image of Little Ruby at the Bridgport. Click to view larger image of Jenny at work. (Click each photo to see larger images.)

May 11, 2011:

A video of Jimmy shooting his new Custom Built SKB shotgun during a stage at the White Mountain Regulators of New Hampshire CAS Shoot at the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH on May 7, 2011.

April 8, 2011:

Congratulations to 'Rattlesnake Wrangler' on winning the 2011 SASS Buckaroo National Championship!

Image of Rattlesnake Wrangler

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