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New! Colt-style half-cock hammers for Ruger Vaquero's.... Colt-style half-cock hammers for Ruger Vaquero's....


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New! If a full action job is not in your budget right now , you can still enjoy the benefits of custom-designed springs for your Ruger Vaquero, Ruger 3 screw and Ruger Single Six 32. $35

Custom Relieved, Polished and Jeweled Hammers and Triggers on rifles, pistols and 1897's for $40 a gun.

Walnut Hill Gang

Welcome to the Walnut Hill Gang webpage sponsored by Jim McMahon aka Jimmy Spurs of Cowboy Gunworks. I live on 'Walnut Hill Lane' and several other top CAS shooters mentioned to me that they live on or have lived on "Walnut Hill" so that is how the "Walnut Hill Gang" got started.

Anyone that shoots with guns that I build and would like to be listed along with your accomplishments, please send me an email with your alias and a short list of what you want me to say.

  • Appaloosa Amy (2009 - 2015 SASS New England Regional Ladies Champion; 2006-2015 SASS CT State Ladies Champion)
  • Avocatessa (2007 SASS MA State Ladies Champion and Top Ten buckle at 2009, 2011 Winter Range.)
  • Bear Lee Tallable (2007 SASS New England Regional Senior Duelist Champion, Top Ten buckle at 2007, 2011 Winter Range, 2009 SASS NH/VT State Senior Duelist Champion and all-around good guy from Vermont.)
  • Birdie Cage (2006, 2008 & 2009 SASS MA State Ladies Champion, Top Ten buckle at 2009 Winter Range in Ladies B-Western.)
  • B. P. Gunns
  • (Frontier Cartridge Duelist from Vermont)

  • Brett Cantrell (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 SASS RI State Men's Champion)
  • Broncho Billy (Top 20 in first shoot and didn't even hurt anyone. One of the newer members of the Walnut Hill Gang and an old friend from New York.)
  • Calico Jan
  • (2007 SASS New England Regional Senior Ladies Champion, 2008 & 2009 SASS MA/CT/RI/NH/VT Ladies Senior Champion from Connecticut)

  • Cartwheel (2007 & 2009 SASS New England Regional Men's Champion, 2006, 2007 & 2008 SASS NY State Champion)
  • Canadian Black Magic � 49er - 2009 Mule Camp Classic Cowboy; 2010 CT/RI/MA State Championship 6th; 2010 New England Regional Top Ten Buckle.
  • Canadian Two Feathers � Ladies 49er - 2009 Mule Camp, Top Ten; Michigan State, 5th; Guns of August, 4th; Missouri State, 2nd; 2010 Winter Range � 8th; 2010 CT/RI/MA State Championships, 6th; 2010 New England Regional, 5th.
  • Crystal Creek Chris (2009 & 2010 SASS NH State Ladies Champion.)
  • Cy Klopps from Massachusetts.
  • Dastardly Dirty Dan (2005 & 2006 SASS VT State Men's Champion)
  • Dead Head (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 SASS New England Regional Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Champion, 2011, 2012 SASS North East Regional Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Champion.)
  • Deuce Stevens (2010 Overall National Champion, 2008 Traditional National Champion and 2nd overall at 2008 Winter Range, 2006 Midwest Regional Champion)
  • Ellie Mae Mountain (2005 & 2006 ME State Senior Ladies Champion, 2005 & 2006 NH State Black Powder Senior Ladies Champion)
  • Fly Rod (Famous 49'er shooter and feared by fish.)
  • Grazer (2012 SASS Duelist National Champion, Top Ten Duelist buckle at 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Winter Range; 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 SASS MA State Champion)
  • Hawley McCoy (2010 & 2011 SASS MA State Ladies Champion, Top Ten Ladies Duelist buckle at 2007 & 2008 Winter Range and also one in Ladies Gunfighter in 2009; 2007 SASS NY & ME Ladies Duelist Champion)
  • Ike Shotgun McCoy (Great shooter from Vermont.) 2009 SASS NH/VT State Elder Statesman Champion among many other awards.
  • Illustrated Man (Consort of Shamrock Shelly) and 2011 SASS Long Island Men's Champion.
  • Island Pond Paul (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 SASS VT State Men's Champion)
  • Ivory Thunder (2008 SASS MA/CT/RI/NH/VT Gunfighter Champion)
  • J.P. of Windham - Just wanted to thank you for a great shotgun. It is a lot lighter than the BSS, and a lot quicker. Would you include me in your Walnut Hill Gang? Every gun of mine you have worked on has been flawless, I would like to add my name to your extremely satisfied shooter list.
  • Jake Mountain (2006 SASS New England Regional Men's Champion, 2005 SASS NH State Champion)
  • James Samuel Pike (2010 SASS Wrangler World Champion, 2007, 2009 & 2010 SASS CT Men's Champion)
  • Kidd Thunder (2007 SASS New England Regional Frontiersman Champion, 2005 SASS MA State Men's Champion)
  • Midnight Angel (2008 SASS NY Top 16 Team Shootout participant)
  • No Nonsense Nancy (2010 Maine Ladies Champion, aka "The Cheesecake Lady", Best Cowgirl Hair)
  • Paden Lead (2004 SASS ME State Modern Champion)
  • Peddler Jack (2005 SASS NY State Senior Duelist Champion)
  • Pennsyltucky Slim
  • (Consort of Calico Jan, Classic Cowboy shooter, famous campfire singer)

  • Piney Woods (2008 & 2009 SASS NH/VT State 49'er Champion)
  • Pittsburg Mac (2006 Maine State Senior Champion, 1st Place Senior - 2006 Maine State Championship Super Stage, 1st Place Derringer - 2007 NH/VT State Championship, 1st Place Derringer - 2007 NE Regional Championship, Top Massachusetts Senior 2007 NE Regional Championship. )
  • Pokerface McGee (2006 SASS DE State Men's Champion)
  • Punxsutawney Phil
  • (Top 49'er shooter and Chuckwagon Chef of the Walnut Hill Gang)

  • Quaker Hill Bill (2006 & 2008 SASS CT State Men's Champion)
  • Quickdraw Pinkerton (2006 SASS DE State Ladies Champion)
  • Red River Ray (2012 SASS Wrangler National Champion, 2010 US Open, 2009 SASS Southeast Regional Champion and King of the Carolinas)
  • Rootin' Tootin' Tim (2010 ME State Top 16 Shoot-off Champion; 2008, 2009, 2010 ME State 49'er Champion; NNN's Gun Cart Boy & Buckle Polisher; Proud Member of the 'Tude Gang)
  • Saguaro Jack (Almost always shoots 'clean' from Salem, NH and famous sign maker.)
  • Shamrock Shelly (Great shooter from New York.
  • Single Action (One of the Original Members of the Walnut Hill Gang. Jedi Gunfighter #174, NRA Life, 2002- Me State 1st Gunfighter, NH State 1st Gunfighter, Flat Gap Jack Cowboy Shootout 1st Gunfighter, 2003- NH Fracas at Pemi Gulch 1st Gunfighter, ME State- 2nd Gunfighter, Spirit of the Game Award 2004- ME State, 1st Senior Duelist, Top Hand Award, NH State 1st Senior Duelist, 2005- NH State 1st Senior Duelist, NY State 2nd Gunfighter, 2006- Me State 1st Senior Duelist, 2007- Me State 1st B Western, Ma,Ct,Ri States 2nd S Senior, 2008- Me State 1st Senior Gunfighter, NH State 1st S Gunfighter, Ma,CT, RI State 2nd Gunfighter, 2011- New England Regional 1st S Gunfighter, NH State 1st Senior Gunfighter, ME. Black Powder Championship 1st FC Gunfighter, 2013- Maine State 1st Senior Gunfighter )
  • Six-Shot Steve - 2008 NH "Modern Champion", 2010 Pemi Fracas "Senior Champion", 2010 NH "B-Western Champion", 2012 VT "B-Western Champion", 2013 NH "B-Western Champion", 2013 ME "B-Western Champion", 2013 MA/CT/RI "B-Western Champion", 2014 MA/CT/RI "B-Western Champion" 2014 ME "B-Western Champion" and 2014 New England Regional "B-Western Champion".
  • Smokey Sue (2005 & 2006 SASS ME State Men's Champion)
  • Snazzy McGee (2011 SASS Junior Girl National Champion from CT)
  • Splinter Jack (2007 SASS New England Regional Men's Top Gun Shoot-off Champion, Top Gun at 2007 SASS NY State Championships)
  • Squintin Annie
  • Tessa Two Gunner (Won the Lady Wrangler category at the SASS MN State Championships and SASS MI State Championships)
  • Tick Ridge (Gunfighter, Consort of Avocatessa)
  • Three Barrel Chris (2008 & 2009 SASS VT State Ladies Champion)
  • Tessa Two Gunner, Slo Mo, and Nunica Kid (Michigan Chapter of the Walnut Hill Gang)
  • Wild Sage (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 SASS RI State Ladies Champion)
  • Wylie Harp (Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter)- Consort of Birdie Cage.
  • Yosemite Kid from Massachusetts. 2009 SASS NH/VT State Duelist Champion

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