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New! Check out our 'Rifle Upgrades' page to get your '73 Smooth Tube today ! Check out our 'Rifle Upgrades' page to get your '73 Smooth Tube today ! New! "Top Gun" Spring Kits for all Ruger's... Colt-style half-cock hammers for Ruger Vaquero's....


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Video's ...

Here are some video's of Jim McMahon aka Jimmy Spurs and others. You will need QuickTime (free download) and Windows Media Player (free download) to see them.

  • Missouri Lefty on a 2.5 second rifle run. He starts the timer with his hands off of the rifle that is on the table.
  • Missouri Lefty shooting video. He just won the 2016 SASS World Cowboy Action Shooting Championship 'End of Trail' at Founders Ranch, NM. Missouri Lefty has been shooting a pair of Full Race Full Stroke Vaqueros for the last 5 years as well as a custom built 1873 rifle that Cowboy Gunworks built for him. He is supported by his Grandfather James Wisdom Sr. and his whole family. He has been a great example of what a real cowboy should be.
  • Here is a video of Cade checking the "Run Out" on the new Kurt vise with a dial indicator which is showing .000". Kurt vices are the standard for exacting machine work on any milling machine. We are looking forward to putting out some of the best Ruger and custom CAS firearms in 2016!
  • 'Missouri Lefty' shooting his brand-new Cowboy Gunworks rifle
  • 'Duece Stevens' reviewing a set of 5.5" stainless Ruger New Vaquero revolvers that I made for him.
  • 'Blackjack Zak' shooting a pair of Full Race Ruger's built by Cowboy Gunworks at 2012 SASS AZ State Championships. He will slip off the hammer on his first pistol and re-cock from half-cock position and still shoot a 16 sec stage to win the championship!
  • 'Deuce Stevens' testing a new pair of Super Short Stroke Rugers built by Jimmy Spurs in 22 degree weather on Christmas Eve.
  • 'Joe Dakota' from Germany (video).
  • Jimmy Spurs shooting a stage in Arizona in October 2011.
  • Rattlesnake Wrangler shooting a stage at US Open in Sparta, IL in September 2011. (1.75 MB)
  • Rattlesnake Wrangler shooting speed rifle at US Open in Sparta, IL in September 2011. (1.1 MB)
  • Jimmy Spurs at Country Pond CAS Shoot in April 2011. (3 MB)
  • Jimmy racing on his drag sled in 2009. (3 MB) - they are the red sled.
  • Jimmy Spurs - 10 rifle in 2.09 sec. (8 MB-QuickTime) - 3rd place in the Cowboy Action Shooting World Records (rifle) as of 14 May 2008.
  • Jimmy Spurs - 4 shotgun in 3.53 sec. (8 MB-QuickTime)
  • Jimmy Spurs - 6 shotgun in 5.76 sec. (8 MB-QuickTime)
  • Jimmy Spurs - 10 pistol in 3.54 sec. (4 MB-Windows Media Player)
  • New! Duece Stevens - Duece Stevens shooting his new rifle built by Jimmy Spurs of Cowboy Gunworks in 2.65 sec for 10 rounds double taps on 5 targets during a side event at 2009 Mason-Dixon Stampede in Thurmont, MD.
  • Duece Stevens World Record Attempt - shooting a pair of Cowboy Gunworks' Ruger Vaquero's in a 10 pistol, 10 rifle and four shotgun sequence in 12.06 sec.
  • Duece Stevens World Record Pistol Attempt (.bin) (4.0 MB) or .dat version - shooting a pair of Cowboy Gunworks' Ruger Vaquero's in 2.49 sec.
  • See why you need Cowboy Gunworks Colt-style half-cock notch hammers for all your Ruger Vaquero's and Single Six .32's ... Jimmy shoots one pistol short-stroking one shot and having to go around to shoot that shot and then shoots the other Ruger outfitted with his Colt-style half cock notches and you can see the difference in times. (14.2 MB) - it is a big file and takes a little while to download - best for Cable or DSL connections.
  • 2007 SASS Maine State Championships #1 (6.97MB-QuickTime) - This stage was a little different as there was movement between windows with the shotgun that was a little awkward. Rifle, move, pistol, pistol, move, shotgun, move, shotgun, move, shotgun.
  • 2007 SASS Maine State Championships #2 (5.38MB-QuickTime) - This one has some movement to the right and then downrange. Rifle, move, pistol, shotgun, run forward, shotgun, pistol.
  • 2007 SASS Maine State Championships #3 (7.36MB-QuickTime) - Rifle, pistol, pistol, move to the right and then shotgun.
  • 2007 SASS Maine State Championships #4 (5.07MB-QuickTime) - Rifle, move, pistol, pistol, shotgun.
  • 2007 SASS New England Regional (8.87 MB-QuickTime) - Pistol, rifle, move, shotgun, move, pistol.
  • 2007 Verdant Mountain Vigilante Shoot, St. Johnsbury, VT, Memorial Day Weekend (4.7MB-QuickTime) - Rifle, move, shotgun, move, pistol, pistol.
  • 1863 Sharps rifle offhand (2.94 MB-QuickTime) - Explain to me again why people shoot these ...

Here is one of Dead Head shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter ...

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